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Found these here.

Baten Kaitos
I’ll also just note that there is a point where one of the female characters is not feeling well, and it is discovered that she is ‘bleeding.’ This was kind of out of place, and I think something was lost in translation, but essentially the girl is having her first period, and is thus ready to begin her training as duchess. The whole thing is mentioned as some sort of right of passage, and is not meant to be sexual. I still found it to be a strange scene.

Tales of Symphonia
The most disappointing aspect of this game is the plethora of bad language used throughout the game. I stopped counting after one hundred. Some examples are: crap, d---, a--, and b------. There is one character that is characterized as being a womanizer. He makes comments that routinely offend the female characters in the game. One of the most troubling parts of the language in this game is the worshipping of a goddess Martel. Quite often the characters pray to, and ask blessings from Martel. As a Christian I found this extremely offensive.


Angels are shown as the bad guys in this game, as is the Pope, and the church. In order to progress through this game, you are required to rebel against the church, Pope, and Angels. The biases in this game were disgusting.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
The game's focus is about the "tri-force" and its powers. There is nothing in this game that suggests believing in this religiously.

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
There is no nudity in this game, but the main Dark Jedi is a woman named Tavion who wears clothing that accentuates her sexuality.


The Supernatural elements of this game center on the Force. The game, however, does not suggest that the Force is a real religion to be taken seriously in real life.

Your computer can talk to you and take the form of a hologram of a sexy woman.

The Simpsons: Hit and Run
In order to achieve the objectives in this game the player must reject authority figures or laws. In one mission Bart is showing his school principal disrespect and if you run over too many people then you have to outrun the cops. Also just like in the cartoon, some characters are portrayed with stereotypical biases and traditional family values are portrayed as negative. The game also requires that some decisions be made to go against traditional values.

Knights of the Old Republic
The word "damn" is used throughout the game, but God's name is not included with it.


What sounds do birds make?

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French Sandpiper: kitty wiper
European Knot: thu and wit


Universal Binary of the Jedi Outcast demo

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One doesn't exist but who cares? I don't. I just kinda created my own XD. Want to know how?

It's simple.

  • The demo
  • The Universal Binary update to the retail version of Jedi Outcast II
  • A blank CD
  • Burn (optional but my instructions will not include alternatives)
First you must download the demo. See, that was easy.

Now you're gonna want to get the update. Download it, open the disk image but don't install. Right click on the installer and select Show Package Contents. Navigate to the Resources folder and show the contents of the package there.

Open the Contents folder and then the Archive.pax.gz file. It should decompress to the desktop. Open this new folder and what do you see? Three files, two of them applications? Take the Jedi Knight II application and put it in the same folder as the demo application.

Now for the hard part. Create a new disk image in Disk Utility. Click on the New Image button in the toolbar and create a CD sized image with the name "Jedi Knight II" and save it.

Fire up Burn, select the Copy tab, drag the disk image into the window, put your CD in, and burn away.

Now whenever you go the play the demo you just need to chuck in your blank disc and open the Universal Binary application. The PPC version will still work but why would you use that version when you have an almost perfectly capable Universal version?

The only problem is that you can't load saved games through the UI. You need to open the console (Shift + `) and type load and the name of the game. For example, one you reach the Reborn, type load auto.



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I'm not going to do a full write-up of everything, Bronwyn and Peta have already covered it nicely. This is just what I saw in list form.

  • Before I got up from my seat (I really should have grabbed Bronwyn, if I'd known it'd get worse I would have) the African guy, blood in his mouth, sprayed me while I wasn't looking. Subconsciously I knew I had blood on me.
  • The African guy tried to pass off the sheath to one of the weapons which had slid across the floor. At that time I knew, somewhere in my mind, that there was a knife on the bus. Good thing I didn't announce it because it was at least another 30 seconds before the woman yelled and the bus stopped.
  • After that woman in blue ran down the front, the rest of the bus pushed forward resulting me being one of the first off.
  • I ran across the street (a little side road off the main one) as soon as I got off. Soon I saw Peta and called her across.
  • I was shaking when we ran into the yard. It was a really weird experience. Hello, sorry for crashing your party.
  • It was very hot and humid.
  • The bottle of Coke I got when we were back at Tea Tree stayed in my hand the whole time.
  • During the entire incident all I could think was how could they screw up the security of this stupid track? We're talking about a bus, on a track several metres from the ground, and you can't stop until you either reach the next station or get back on the road.
  • Being separated from everyone for that moment when I was pushed off the bus and they were still on it felt awful.
  • The African and the older guy are brave for at least trying to do something.
Want to know what I think about all this? That the O-Bahn, in its current state, is a fucking stupid idea.

Oh and isn't this just great? This is my 400th post and last month I posted 86 articles. That's two more than the most I've ever posted which was 84 back in November.


Eventful New Years,

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By Bronwyn Madley...

Nanna, James, Peta and me went to the plaza (this is in Adelaide btw) and had soem dinner and saw a movie, Golden Compass, was good.

Then we went to catch the O-Bahn (which is like a but that goes on tracks I think) into the city to see fireworks and when we got on the bus, drunk people were already on the back of the bus and they were just yelling and stuff.

THEN they started getting worse, and a fight broke out. Between some girls at first and then boys jumped in and it was two guys. A black guy jumped in to break it up, and he ended up getting bashed, they were kicking his head in, and the bus can't stop because it is on tracks or something.

People were screaming to stop and girls were biting the guys to break it up and everyone was watching, the black guy threw his bag to us and then there was a dagger on the ground at my feet, in it's case.

The fight was getting worse, another guy pulled a bigger knife and a lady just yells out 'HE'S GOT A KNIFE, AND IT'S A BLOODY BIG ONE' and runs up the bus, coz they were coming closer to us and the front end of the bus. She knocked me into Nanna and Peta's seat, and James was already up the other end. James ended up with blood on his shirt and shorts, from the innocent guy's nose and/or mouth.

When the O-Bahn could stop, it did and the driver had already rung police, but it took a while for them to come.
We all ran off the bus and I ran into a front yard, where luckily people were having a party around the back, and told us to get round the back.

One of the guys jumped over a car, and the girls semi-restrained them, but I was in some people's party so I didn't see much of what happened until the police came.
They got all the girls in the divi-van, and they were trying to bash their way out ^_^.
The guys were caught too, and we were all just shocked and stuff. One guy got his hand slit by the knife that was pulled, but it wasn't serious. The black guy mostly was the one hurt.
Nanna's foot and hand are bruised too, from the lady running up the bus.

The people who's party we went into, gave us drinks and were really nice, and uncle Derek came and picked us up, we came home and watched the fireworks on telly.

It was pretty much terrifying, and I would just like to add,

It isn't a bad start to 2008, it's a bad end to a bad enough '07 C:


u have to read this happend to us about aan hour age PLZREAD

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By Peta Madley...

Its New Years Eve right,
A few of our family were traveling together (Bron Peta Nanna and James) on one of those obahn things.

There was some of their head teens at the back the began to fight, we are talking girls scratching smashing heads and teeth. Next thing you know some black person stands up to seperate them (mainly 2 guys).

The guys in a way teamed up and got the person on the ground and started smashing his head in... afew secconds later a knife hilt ended up on the ground about dagger sized, (just remember we are on the obahn so we cant stop whenever) it was black with a gold snake twirled around it.

Anyways the black man did nothing wrong but he was bleeding and stuff James ended up with blood on him Peta ended up with spit on her mainly because and old man got up and yelled "OI YOU LOT SIT DOWN" this made them worse.

Next thing you know 2 older men got up and started to try and help. Which didn't work again.

we were nearing a station when a woman in a blue dress stood up and yelled "HE'S GOT A KNIFE" "AND ITS A BLOODY BIG ONE " . In all one rush half of the bus was up the driver end. We were about in the middle and they were getting closer.

We we'll yeah moved of course then the bus stopped right out side a house which was having a small get to gether for new years. We all rushed out and got sepperated from nannaand she was saying "WHERES MY CHILDREN??" over and over.

Bron ran straight around in these peoples yardand hid behing a post well large fence we all followed then a lady came out and say what was going one and rushed us 4 around the back yard. The guests were like'whay are you here???'.

We explained and some of them went round the fron to watch while others where going I dont want to get involved but yeah. Peta sent her dad a text explaining every thing.

But out the front the brawl was going on with girlfriends restraining boyfriends. One of the people with a knife jumped over some poor blokes car...

The police eventuall arrived with 3 paddy wagons. One of the girls was trying to bash her way out.

In the end we decided to not go to Elder Park for Adelaide's celebration, because if this is what its like on the way home whats it going to be like on the way home.


My almost 12 month old review of CoD3

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This review was rejected on GameFAQs for the politically correct word "Nazi". If I called them German I would be wrong, right?

You may wonder what I mean by two review scores, I'll get to that later. Anyway I picked up Call of Duty 3 only because I'm getting Red Steel for Christmas and living in Australia there is no Excite Truck (another game I want). I feel I must also mention this is my first World War II FPS, so I haven't had the same experiences others have had with others or on other consoles.

Graphics - 8.2/10
In terms of graphics, Call of Duty 3 is split into two camps, the first half (the best visuals) and the second half (bland and only as good as a rushed Playstation 2 game).

During the initial 6 or 7 levels you'll see graphics that rival the Xbox and you'll even notice some next-gen-ness shine through on some occasions, like the blurring when shooting an MG42 is incredible.

The worst images sadly appear after level 7, especially in the forest levels where their are really low-res textures everywhere. Another big problem I found was when you get injured and the redness that surrounds the screen appears, you can't see. It's really a problem when you walk too far and get bombarded.

Sound - 8.7/10
This game sounds great with surround sound. Every bullet and bomb or grenade is beautifully mapped to each speaker. Even with stereo sound Call of Duty 3 is immersive. What this game lacks however is a wider vocabulary for the Nazi forces. I really wish they'd stop yelling the same thing every few minutes.

Gameplay - 9.5/10
If you've read anything about Call of Duty 3 on the Wii, you probably have heard it takes about 1 hour to get used to controlling your character with the Wiimote. It's all true. But after that hour you'll be a pro and that's all that matters. Now do the controls work? Yes. Are they better than dual analogues? Yes. Better than a mouse even? So-so. The controls are ultra responsive, just miniscule movements can send you into a spin, which is why it's a good thin you can change sensitivity on both the x and y axis.

The hardest part to control is throwing a grenade because it requires you to move your hand so you have access to the D-pad. You'll learn when to throw the right type at the right time anyway. And I don't use the grenade-motion btw.

The one thing that gets my gripe is the stupidity of the so-called "Pro reviewers" who can't seem to play this game correctly. If you have read or seen their opinions on the gun fighting (where a Nazi will grab your gun and you have to fight over it using actual motion with the Wiimote and Nunchuk), they'll probably tell you the fights aren't responsive. THEY ARE! But only if you slow down your movements and keep with the tempo shown on the screen. And to think my sister had to tell me this...

Story - 6/10
The story depicted in Call of Duty 3 takes place in France as you fight as either the American, Canadian, Polish or English forces. Yep, there is no French playability even though it is their war in their country. The worst parts of the story come when they start talking about or to a character you don't know, it just leaves you confused. The story could have been better.

Replay Value - 7/10
What really makes First Person Shooters is online, especially if the single-player missions get a bit boring. Unfortunately the Wii version of Call of Duty 3 doesn't have online, though it may be possible in the future though patches. Other than that the replay value of this game is lower than I think it should be. I just wish they'd add online.

Value - 7.5/10
Call of Duty 3 isn't the best launch game nor is it the worst, but if you were to game right now I'd get Twilight Princess first (like I did) then some other game, then this. It just isn't that good.

Stability - 5.5/10
My experience with Call of Duty 3 hasn't been the best. The particular disc I got has so many bugs I just scarily made it through some levels. Others have reported similar problems but none as bad as what I've seen. Here's a video of the problem I found in the 4th level.


Final (without stability problems) - 7.9/10
Final (with stability problems) - 7.5/10